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 We, at Henna for hire, pride our self for bringing quality and friendly service.

How many times have you seen someones tattoo and thought I’d like to get one, But am not too sure about what to get. Or you like a real tattoo design but want to try a temporary one first, show it to your friends and see their reaction before you get a real one, or you just want a temporary tattoo which lasts for a week to two weeks just for fun.

We have the answer to this, We do Henna tattoos, these last from 1-2 weeks. These are Herbal and painless. We not only do traditional Floral designs but also do any tattoo design that you want to get using henna, giving you a chance to make up your mind before getting a real one. We have 100’s of designs to choose from, or you can bring in your own design.  We want to give you the design you want.

How it Works

You can contact us here , through our form on the website or message us on our facebook page to book with us. When you call to make an appointment we will go over what you need to do before we arrive and answer any questions you might have at that time.

We will bring all of our designs as well as equipment needed. Do your design , give you final instructions, after care advice, pack up, and be on our way. It’s really that easy!

*If the booking is for less than an hour an additional travel fee may apply.

Service Areas

We are Essex Based artists, But we travel and do events and visits around london area too.


Call Now 078 46 33 1916

Single person Henna Session

Henna Party & Packages

*Specialized quotes on request.

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Refer a friend and receive £5 off your next Henna Tattoo when they book an appointment. The person you refer must provide me with your name when they set up their appointment in order you to receive your discount.

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You must have already have had at least one henna tattoo done from Henna For Hire to receive your discount (£5 OFF). After writing your review, please email me at afshan@hennaforhire.co.uk ,  letting me know when and on what site you left your review and you will receive a £5 discount on your next Tattoo.

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If you are looking for a great photographer, please visit our good friends below and let them know that you were referred by Henna for hire!

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Call Now 078 46 33 1916
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Call Now 078 46 33 1916


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